The Stretch robot: what do you need to know?

With the technological advancement in various sectors of activity, the robotics sector is also facing new robot creations. Among this new robot creation, we have the Stretch robot which is the most preferred by companies. Indeed, if you have a warehouse to manage, you are probably wondering what to keep in mind about this one. In order to enlighten you, here is more information about it in this article.

General information about the stretch robot

The stretch robot is a robot whose mission is to ensure the movement of a package from point A to point B. Being generally used in storage warehouses of large companies, the latter makes their task much easier thanks to its various extraordinary capabilities.
In terms of revolution, this machine is a more powerful and modernized version of another robot that is nothing more than a prototype. In reality, the mission for which the stretch robot is programmed was entrusted to another. In other words, it is nothing more than a derivative.
The latter is called Handle and is very efficient at lifting very heavy loads. So, the new version of this robot can take the place of the workers because of its unwavering capabilities. In this regard, it is vital that you know the various qualities of stretch.

The qualities of stretch

This robot did not become popular and loved by big companies because of its design or shape. To tell the truth, what made various companies opt for this robot is its various qualities. In terms of quality, this robot is capable of lifting several heavy boxes.
In fact, this robot is capable of lifting more than seven hundred heavy boxes in a matter of seconds and at a steady pace. This is its first and most appreciated potentiality for companies with warehouses. Its second capacity is related to its autonomy, which is infallible.
As far as its autonomy is concerned, this machine, once well charged, can be used for more than sixteen hours before being recharged again.

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